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Math Placement Test Help:

algebra helpSo you need to test into a math class and you really don't want to take all of the elementary classes first, well I can help. I have helped many students test into the class of their choice. In fact, many test beyond the class they decide to start with. Many schools are testing through Aleks. I am very familiar with that program and what you need to know to pass the test.

If you would like to first review some basics, I have been putting together some packets that will take you step by step through some of the information you need to know. I provide a lesson, sample problems, and answers to those problems worked out with explanations.

Algebra tutoring


After a few lessons, I add cumulative practice to keep all the material fresh in your mind. This is a very "do-able" program. I am offering the first few lessons for you to try. If they help and you want to continue, call Sharyn at (480) 272-1882 or email now to find out how to get the rest. If you find yourself getting lost, I can help you online as well as in person.

The first two lessons are things you'll just have to memorize. The next get down to the nitty gritty.

Lesson 1 - Real Numbers Lesson 1 - Problems
Lesson 2 - Number Sets Lesson 2 - Problems
Lesson 3 - Real Numbers Lesson 3 - Problems
Lesson 4 - Order of Operations Lesson 4 - Problems
Lesson 5 - Combining Like Terms Lesson 5 - Problems
Lesson 6 - Solving Equations Lesson 6 - Problems
Lesson 7 - Exponenets Lesson 7 - Problems
Lesson 8 - Factoring Lesson 8 - Problems

I have also included links to some of the local schools' placement tests:

Glendale Community College Numerical Skills -Asset Sample Test
Glendale Community College Elementary - Asset Sample Test
Glendale Community College Intermediate - Asset Sample Test
Glendale Community College College Algebra - Asset Sample Test
Community Colleges Elementary Algebra Sample Test
Community Colleges Intermediate Sample Test
Community Colleges College Algebra Sample Test

College Board Accuplacer Sample Test

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