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Tim - Returning College Student - College Algebra

Math has always been an extremely difficult time for me. I struggled through high school with Ds in math, never completing Pre-Algebra. Once in college for my Associate's I struggled and barely passed Algebra I. I've been wanting to return to school for a long time, but could never get over my fear of math. After 10 years I finally decided that it was time to finish my undergrad.

I found Sharyn online through a Google search and through some of the other references really felt she was a great fit for me. Her teaching style is supportive and educating. She was able to explain things to me that I struggled understanding when it came to reading the material in a textbook. I'm convinced that math textbooks aren't made for some people, and Sharyn can really help communicate the main points. She is an amazing tutor! I really can't say that enough. I have gone from being a D math student all of my life to getting an A in College Algebra II. The confidence Sharyn was able to instill in me when it came to completing a topic I always found difficult has inspired me to keep through through school toward my Ph.D. Thank you Sharyn, I truly couldn't have done this without you!

Michael - Returning College Student - College Algebra

Sharyn was my personal Math tutor for two full semesters while I was attending Arizona State University. I am a middle-aged person who was attending school at nights. Sharyn has excellent teaching skills and commitment to her students that made me very happy to be one of her students. In addition to her teaching skills, I found her genuinely interested inmy overall success as a student. Sharyn took the time to make sure I understood the math lesson she was teaching and never rushed me through to get to another student. I will forever be thankful to Sharyn, for her tutoring skills that got me successfully through my math classes.

Sharyn, is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent personality with people of all ages that makes her successful. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. She is also extremely flexible and always accommodating with her schedule.

Heather - Online College Student - Finite Math

I got a 97 on my final! Only one wrong. Thank you so much for all your guidance and wisdom. I truly appreciate it!

Carol - GRE Prep

I hired Sharyn to tutor me when I decided to go back to school and get my Master’s Degree.  I had to take the GRE and had not done any math since my undergraduate studies 16 years ago.  I was very anxious about the math section of the GRE and realized I had completely forgotten how to do a lot of the math I had learned.  When I found Sharyn’s website it said that she specializes in reducing math anxiety in older students; I knew she was the person for me.  Sharyn is a wonderful tutor who took my math anxiety and turned it around.  I actually began enjoying doing the math problems.  I took my GRE and scored a 610 which is approximately 86%.  I never could have succeeded without Sharyn’s help.  She has a very relaxed approach to her tutoring skills and that enabled me to let go and learn.  Thanks Sharyn!! 

Ruth - mother of math student

I wanted to thank you for all your help with Anthony. I thought you might like to know that thanks Sharyn Stevens Referencesto your help in turning him around in his maths he got an A in his maths, physics and Chemistryand B's in his other subjects. He is starting a medical course at university next week to become a doctor. Without your help he would not have achieved his dream of getting into medicine.

Amanda - Returning College Student needing placement testing assistance

As a returning student, I hadn’t even thought about an algebra problem in 10 years. The idea of having to take a College Algebra placement test, terrified me. I sent Sharyn and e-mail and she quickly responded, setting up my first appointment. In a matter of hours, Sharyn helped me feel more confident with my math skills. I was solving advanced problems with ease. Sharyn was patient and encouraging during our sessions, helping me achieve my goal more quickly than I thought possible. Although my intent was simply to test into College Algebra and I tested into Calculus. I would recommend Sharyn as a tutor in a heartbeat; she delivered. It’s obvious that she enjoys tutoring.

Mike - MAT 211 Mathematics for Business Analysis

I found Sharyn via the internet after receiving my first test score back, which happened to be a C. After going in for tutoring about once per week for the rest of the semester I did not receive any grades below an A and also finished the business calculus course with an A overall. She is an excellent tutor and I am very happy that I was lucky enough to find her for help.

Katherine - Returning College Student needing placement testing assistance

Just wanted to let you know that the tutoring really paid-off. I tested into Math 150 last week and am thrilled. Thanks a lot for all your help.

Jason - Returning College Student - College Algebra

Got a B! Can't thank you enough. Thanks

Cathy - Returning College Student

You saved me with your amazing capacity for communicating math rules. Thanks so much...

Richard - Returning College Student

I have known Sharyn as a client and as a personal friend. As a client Sharyn provided me guidance and instruction towards completing the math requirements necessary to complete my Bachelors degree. Having been disassociated with college level math for nearly twenty years, Sharyn proposed a plan that enabled me to become proficient in all aspects of college mathematics required for my degree. She accomplished this in the span of three months. Sharyn has knack for introducing a new topic that compliments what is already learned. Her method of instruction makes learning even the most difficult operations interesting and meaningful. Sharyn incorporates real world situations and transactions to bring practical application to what is being taught. She has a pleasant demeanor, yet she keeps you focused. Her approach to teaching is very effective and results oriented. She is highly regarded by many students and their parents and is likewise sought after.

Barbara - Mother of High School Student

Sharyn has been working with my daughter Samantha this school year in the subject of Algebra ever since she received a danger of failing notice. Sharyn through her work with Samantha was able to raise her grade to a B plus, and she is still climbing.

As a teacher, she is thorough in her knowledge of her subject. She takes her profession very seriously and sees herself as involved in the larger role of evolving the minds of the future. As a tutor, in the opinion of my daughter, she is "awesome".

Sharyn has made herself available by telephone whenever Samantha has trouble with a homework assignment. She is available at a moments notice to answer any questions, clear doubts, and guide her. We can call Sharyn for a tutor session at any time, and she is always willing to fit Samantha into her schedule.

Sharyn has the quality to build Samantha's confidence into believing she can be a better student, and accomplish her goals in Algebra. In fact, it is this quality that makes me especially recommend her as an asset to your program.

Dan - Returning College Student

Sharyn was exceptionally patient with me, after all it had been many years since I had last opened an algebra book. Sharyn has demonstrated herself with plenty of enthusiasm and was very knowledgeable of her subject matter. I would highly recommend Sharyn if you need assistance in Algebra or any other programs that she teaches.

Roni - Mother of High School Student

I highly recommend Sharyn Stevens as a math tutor. She has worked with my son Chase on an as needed basis for 4 years. Chase has ADD and at times teaching him can be a challenge. Sharyn has been able to handle him patiently but firmly with great success.

She has been very accommodating when we have called with a problem, and is flexible in her scheduling. I think this is a reflection of her great concern for her students. She has been able to help him stay focused and overcome test anxiety.

I have great confidence in her ability to deal with any teaching challenge. Please call me if you have any other questions.

Charisse - Returning College Student

This letter is in reference to Sharyn Stevens as a math tutor. Recently, I employed Sharyn as a math tutor to assist with me with completing my college degree. The only class I needed to complete my degree was math and I had been delaying taking the class as long as possible. I took the class online and began to panic during the algebra portion of the class and sought out assistance. I felt very fortunate and relieved to find a tutor with so many years experience. After spending a few hours with Sharyn, she gave me the reassurance and assistance I needed to complete the course. She was able to help me understand the math problems. I would recommend her to anyone who has a fear of math.

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