This video is to help with placement tests or for a review. Its how to simplify expressions when the negative is moved into different spots. Pause the video before I work it out and see if you got the same answer.

This is a bit more on simplifying expressions with fractional and negative exponents. Its a good review because this is used for all of your math classes. We want to be happy when we see these problems and think... piece of cake!

Factoring is so important for algebra and later classes. These are a few examples to help get you started. Factoring out a common term, factoring a trinomial and a trinomial with a leading coefficient.

What to do when you have a coefficient in front of your quadratic equation....

Factoring with fractional exponents can be very intimidating. But I am showing you a few examples of how to accomplish this with confidence! Don't let these types of problems slow you down.

How to factor sum of cubes easily. Its a simple pattern we can get down in no time. Give it a try.

So this is one of my favorite topics. I love trig and I love that you don't really need a unit circle to solve problems. Here I work out three main types and leave you with a few to do on your own. Let me know if there's any questions.

This was Cecil's request: How to do percentages. Here is the link to the PDF of problems. This video goes through the first five problems.

These are the three homework problems for Bella.

Problem number ten for you Bella.

Bella, here is the rest of problem ten. Finding the volume of region R over the lines y=4 and x=6