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About Me

Sharyn Chavez math tutor with her dog Jack in Tempe

Hi.  My name is Sharyn, and I am a professional math tutor.  I offer private tutoring for all levels of high school and college math.  I have been tutoring for 36 years because I love math and I love helping people!  I started working in the Scottsdale Community College math lab during my first semester of college and have been at it ever since. 


My experience allows me to narrow in on problem areas, to present the material in a relaxed and easy to understand manner, and to help my students become more confident in their abilities.  

Tutoring can save you so much time from trying to figure out problems on your own and watching endless videos.  We get right in there, work out your problems so you can understand them and feel confident in a timely fashion.  That leaves you more time for review and saves so much mental anguish. 


Math can be fun when you understand it!!! Most of my tutoring is online, but I can meet in person when necessary.  My tutoring is not like other online platforms.  I can see the student's eyes and tell if they are "getting it."  It is easier to see the same material (no looking awkwardly over shoulders and arms).  All of my students end up preferring it.  Give it a try!

My favorite classes are calculus (mat270, mat271, mat210, mat211) and trigonometry. 

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