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All you need to know before you schedule a lesson


Why can't we meet in person?


I have come to realize that online tutoring is awesome.  I offer free trials so the students can see that it is just as effective as in person tutoring and it is 100x more convenient!
The video camera allows me to see the student's reactions to what they are learning. This way I can make sure they really understand the material.  We still work the problems out together. All the work is saved. There is no travel time!

Are there contracts?

No. Some students like a regular scheduled appointment. Others just contact me as they need help. I try not to take too many students which allows more flexibility in scheduling, as does taking students in different time zones.

Do I prepay? How do I pay?

I prefer to get paid as we go instead of ahead of time. Payments are received through Zelle, cashapp or venmo. Although Zelle is the preferred choice.

Are there computer limitations?

I have found that chromebooks do not allow me to annotate on them and will sometimes block desktop sharing which allows me to see the classwork if it is online. Tablets or iPads work too.

Is there a way to make the sessions better?


If the coursework is online, you can pull it up before we meet. If there is book work or worksheets, those can be sent to me prior to the session to save time. Most students just take pictures of the work or pages.


Some students buy the digital writing tablets which allow them to work along with me on the screen. It's easier than using the mouse. But this is not necessary - just some students enjoy it more. I use the Veikk which I got on amazon.  But there are many inexpensive brands.  They go on sale often.

I have passed background checks on Bark and Thumbtack. 

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